1. We provide you photos and an account of the days visit.  We encourage you to communicate with us each as this is an opportunity to discuss what has happened during the walk or visit, to let us know if there is has been a change that could affect your pet or to simply keep in touch since we rarely see you, the pet parent, as you are off to working or playing hard. 

2.  Due to our insurance policy we cannot accept pets that have attacked other animals or people.  We are not an animal behavioral company and our insurance policy reflects that.  Should your pet need behavioral therapy we whole heartedly encourage you to do so as most behaviors can be adjusted with the proper training. 

3.  Any dogs participating in group walks need to have an even temperament.  We understand that dogs get excited and sometimes a bit rambunctious but if your pet lunges at other people or dogs, is overly protective or shows aggressive behavior, we cannot allow the dog to walk in a group. 

4.  As a pet care provider we will need to enter your home and have access to your security code if your have an alarm.  Keys are to be given prior to the first visit.  We will make an extra copy which will stay at the office.  This also works to your advantage as we offer lock out service ($40) for a less than the cost of locksmith ($90+). 

5.  We provide and use pet seat belts for all transportation.  These seatbelts require the use of a harness which we will provide if you do not have one. 

6. Should your pet require emergency veterinarian services while in our care, we will do our absolute best to get them to your choice of Emergency center or Veterinarian.  If however we are to far from your choice of care center we will go to the closest center possible.  We will contact you as soon as possible and will keep you informed every step of the way.  All costs incurred with an emergency visit are to be paid by you.  You will receive a written summary of what happened and the actions taken to ensure the health of your pet. 

7.  Payments can be made weekly, bi-monthly or monthly.  We offer a variety of ways to make payments easy.  If payments are not made within five (5) days of receiving your invoice we will need to discuss alternative care for your pets. Cash, checks and Venmo are acceptable ways to pay.

8.  All overnighters require a 30% deposit at the time of booking.  You may cancel anytime up to seven (7) days prior to the start of the service for a 10% refund of you deposit. Should you cancel after the seven (7) days, we keep the entire deposit.  You can change your dates (seven days prior to start of service) one time without losing your deposit but be sure to contact us ASAP as we cannot guarantee availability of your new dates.

9.  We require a home to be tidy with a clean bedroom and a clean, functioning kitchen and bathroom for our sitters to stay. 

10.  We require a face to face meeting prior to any services starting and all paperwork to be filled out.  This ensures that both parties are comfortable, key has been exchanged and also puts your pet on our insurance while they are in our care. 

Are you ready to become a part of the Happy Paws Santa Cruz family?  Email us at info@happypawssantacruz.com